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Confidential services at no charge include: consultation on options, pregnancy testing, 3D/4D ultrasounds, referrals to community services, education and support.

Shannon's Story


At Life Forward, we’re hoping that when women receive ultrasounds they will respond the way “Shannon” did when she said, “I saw his face! I can’t believe it. He looks so handsome and I can’t wait to meet him.”

Shannon didn’t always feel this way about her son. In fact, she wasn’t sure if she wanted him in her life. She’s a single woman who is trying to better herself through education as a dental assistant. The last thing she wanted was a baby “to mess up all my plans”. An abortion seemed like the best option.

But the more Shannon thought and prayed about it, the more she realized that ending her baby’s life was not the answer. “I’m a strong woman and I can do this,” Shannon declared. So, the past several months, she’s been getting prenatal care, continuing her education and looking for a new job. Because of all this activity, she barely had time to think about all of the things that she’ll need for her baby. That’s how Life Forward was able to help.

Shannon doesn’t have much money and had almost nothing for her baby. When her case manager told her about Life Forward’s Care Closet, she was so excited. Life Forward helped her get started with basic baby items like diapers, formula and clothes. On top of that, Life Forward helped her see her son’s face through an ultrasound. Before she left, her Client Educator gave her a list of other community resources, a Bible and then prayed with her. 

“I’m so glad I came to Life Forward. I appreciate all the help I received.  That photo of my son is on the refrigerator where I am reminded every day of the precious boy that I’ll soon welcome into the world.” - Shannon

Life Forward serves clients like Shannon facing unplanned pregnancies through our 3D/4D Ultrasound program and Care Closet ministry. Your generosity makes a big difference in their lives. Thank you!

Sonography Sense

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Life Forward performs Limited Obstetrical Ultrasounds. “What on earth does that mean?” You may be wondering. “I thought all ultrasounds were the same!”

Actually there are many different types of ultrasound examinations that look at a variety of things in the human body.  So what is a Limited Obstetrical Ultrasound? Let’s break it down.

  • Limited: A limited examination is performed when a specific question requires investigation.

  • Obstetrical: Relating to childbirth and pregnancy

  • Ultrasound: Sound waves that are too high-pitched for the human ear to hear.  With an ultrasound machine these sound waves are used to create an image.

This can be done by scanning an abdominal transducer over her belly or by inserting a trans-vaginal transducer into her vagina. We look on top of the belly when she is further along in pregnancy (above 11 weeks) and we look with the internal transducer when she is earlier in pregnancy (below 11 weeks)

 What does this mean for Life Forward clients? The Limited Obstetrical Ultrasound exam that Life Forward offers involves taking images of a pregnant woman’s womb to investigate and answer specific questions about her pregnancy.