Life Forward

Confidential services at no charge include: consultation on options, pregnancy testing, 3D/4D ultrasounds, referrals to community services, education and support.

Impact Report


“I’m excited about the 507 spiritual conversations we’ve had this year. Getting to know our clients is a high priority and these conversations help us know when and how to dialogue about the Gospel with each client we serve.”
- Steve Stephenson, Executive Director

“The real help we’re providing women and their families through Parenting Education sessions is crucial. As a young parent myself, it’s encouraging to see so many of our clients taking initiative with this privilege and responsibility.”
- Riley Mullins, Director of Development 

“The first ultrasound helps many women embrace the reality of their pregnancy. I’m so thankful God provided the resources we needed to offer 385 women ultrasounds this year at no charge. It’s amazing to be with each client as she sees her child and hears the heartbeat for the first time.”
- Melissa Guzman, Director of Client Services

“I knew that Life Forward would change my life and that as long as I kept coming back, everything was going to be okay.”
- Emani

“They asked how we felt about being pregnant. We could tell they really cared about us.”
- Antwan & Jessica

“They prayed with me and gave me a Bible.”
- “Kristen”

Read the full 2017-18 Impact Report here.